Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Memories, What Memories?

The doctors have actually been very understanding in that having bones floating around somewhat freely in my ankle might be pretty painful. So I have pain pills. And these aren’t, “oh here let’s sit around in a therapy circle and talk about your pain.” These are stealth ninja pain pills that sneak up on your pain from behind, silently take it out and cause you to fall asleep while in the middle of a sentence. My friends have had to put up with me randomly sleeping during parts of our conversation.

These pills also tend to wipe out my short term memory. So I repeat myself a lot. I repeat myself a lot. Thankfully my friends are wonderful people and can put up with me acting like a horribly random children’s toy with an electrical short. And the traditional friend response to that is bring food, lots and lots of food. So far I haven’t fallen asleep while eating yet. I’ve come close, but not yet.

The most frustrating thing so far is trying to finish a thought. I’ve been working on this short bit of writing for about two days now. I just get lost in the middle. It’s like going out into a snowstorm, only you don’t know why you went out there in the first place. Hopefully along with lowering the dosage of pain medication I can stop looking and feeling like a monkey who just got hit in the face with a fry pan.

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